Giving the power back to the artists

Our native ERC-20 token that lets our users take part in shaping the platform's future. We’re working on some exciting features to launch alongside the token.We launched the Ogun token in August of 2022 and we expect to launch more features soon.Look out for updates on progress and launch dates these coming weeks.Thank you to the entire SoundChain family for your continued support and patience.

Earn OGUN just
by using the

Users can earn additional OGUN just by buying and selling NFT's on the SoundChain Marketplace

OGUN lets
your voice be

Any OGUN staked within the platform gives you a voice to shape the future of the platform

See your benefits
Right on

Special supporter badges, priotization on the Explore page, and the ability to tip artists - OGUN is built right into the SoundChain platform


Ways to earn

Staking, liquidity pools, trading rewards, and airdrops all designed to spread the love.

Set supply

No dilution built into the system. One billion tokens. That's it

SoundChain bonuses

With features coming right and launch and features on the roadmap, OGUN will be closely tied in with the SoundChain platform.


Your token, your voice.